This ain't no place for no hero.

This Ain't No Place For No Better Man.

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i really hate hearing “ew anal sex is gross! shit comes out of there!” because let’s quickly go over what comes out of a vagina:

  1. blood
  2. babies

3. urine

how did the human race survive with men in charge of everything for so long if they don’t even understand that vaginas don’t pee

I blame sex ed class. If they showed like an actual picture of a vagina with things labeled, it would clear up this problem.The side view cross section thing they show is really not helpful for sussing out where things are down there. And I’m speaking from experience because all of the few times I had sex, I would fumble around trying to find the right place until they got impatient and just put it in for me.

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So I cried twice while getting ready for work this morning. I keep thinking about Megan and the stupidest thing is that if even if things had happened differently and we had been able to give the two of us a try I probably still would have fucked it up.

I keep thinking. I hate living with my brother so much and sometimes I shout and punch a pillow when he’s gone just because it makes me so mad living with him. But what am I gonna do when we’re not living together anymore? He gets to fucking leave. He gets to get out. I’ll be stuck here. Somehow I have to keep going.

Honestly I think part of the reason I begrudge his presence so much is because if my consideration was only for myself I might have already run away or killed myself.

I don’t know what to do. I think I’m getting worse.

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